Apollo Tyres Announces Exciting Job Vacancies for 2024

Apollo Tyres, a global leader in the tire manufacturing industry, is thrilled to announce a range of exciting job opportunities for 2024. With a strong commitment to innovation, sustainability, and excellence, Apollo Tyres is looking for dynamic and talented individuals to join its team and contribute to its continued success.

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Apollo Tyres job vacancy
Apollo Tyres job vacancy

About Apollo Tyres

Founded in 1972, Apollo Tyres has grown into a globally recognized brand, known for its high-quality products and pioneering technologies. The company operates in over 100 countries and has manufacturing units in India, the Netherlands, and Hungary. Apollo Tyres is dedicated to delivering superior products that ensure safety, reliability, and performance for its customers.

Job Openings

Apollo Tyres is offering a variety of roles across different departments, catering to a wide range of skill sets and professional backgrounds. The key areas of recruitment include:

  1. Research and Development (R&D)
    • Position: R&D Engineer
    • Location: Chennai, India; Enschede, Netherlands
    • Responsibilities: Developing new tire designs, conducting performance tests, and working on sustainability projects.
  2. Manufacturing and Operations
    • Position: Production Manager
    • Location: Limda, Gujarat, India; Gyöngyöshalász, Hungary
    • Responsibilities: Overseeing production processes, ensuring quality control, and optimizing manufacturing efficiency.
  3. Sales and Marketing
    • Position: Sales Executive
    • Location: Various locations across Europe and Asia
    • Responsibilities: Building client relationships, driving sales growth, and developing marketing strategies.
  4. Information Technology (IT)
    • Position: IT Systems Analyst
    • Location: Gurgaon, India
    • Responsibilities: Managing IT infrastructure, implementing new technologies, and supporting digital transformation initiatives.
  5. Human Resources (HR)
    • Position: HR Manager
    • Location: London, United Kingdom; Mumbai, India
    • Responsibilities: Managing recruitment, developing employee programs, and fostering a positive workplace culture.

Why Work at Apollo Tyres?

Innovative Culture: Apollo Tyres fosters a culture of innovation, encouraging employees to explore new ideas and technologies.

Global Exposure: With operations in multiple countries, employees have the opportunity to work in a diverse and international environment.

Career Growth: The company offers numerous opportunities for professional development and career advancement.

Sustainability Commitment: Apollo Tyres is dedicated to sustainable practices, making it an ideal workplace for those passionate about the environment.

Employee Benefits: Competitive salaries, health benefits, and comprehensive training programs are just a few of the perks of working at Apollo Tyres.

How to Apply

Interested candidates can visit the Apollo Tyres career portal at www.apollotyres.com/careers to browse the full list of job openings and submit their applications. Detailed job descriptions, qualifications, and application guidelines are available on the portal.


Apollo Tyres is looking for motivated and talented individuals to join its team and help drive the company forward. If you are passionate about making a difference in the tire industry and are ready to embark on a rewarding career journey, apply now and become a part of the Apollo Tyres family.