How to convert 4g to 5g sim activation

Converting a 4G SIM to a 5G SIM typically involves the following steps, depending on your mobile carrier’s policies and procedures. Here is a general guide:

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  1. Check Compatibility:
    • Ensure your phone is 5G-capable.
    • Verify that 5G service is available in your area.
  2. Contact Your Carrier:
    • Visit your carrier’s website or contact customer support to understand their specific process for upgrading to a 5G SIM.
    • Some carriers might allow you to upgrade online, while others may require you to visit a physical store.
  3. Visit a Store (if required):
    • Go to your carrier’s retail store with a valid ID and your current 4G SIM card.
    • Request a 5G SIM card.
  4. Get a 5G SIM Card:
    • Purchase or get a replacement 5G SIM card from your carrier. Some carriers might offer it for free, while others may charge a small fee.
  5. Activate the 5G SIM Card:
    • Follow the activation instructions provided by your carrier. This may involve:
      • Inserting the new 5G SIM card into your phone.
      • Dialing a specific activation number.
      • Using the carrier’s mobile app or website to activate the new SIM.
  6. Verify Activation:
    • Once activated, restart your phone.
    • Check the network settings to ensure you are connected to the 5G network.
    • Look for the 5G symbol on your phone’s status bar.

Detailed Steps for Major Carriers (Example):


  1. Visit Verizon’s Website: Log in to your Verizon account.
  2. Navigate to Device Settings: Go to “My Devices” and select the device you want to upgrade.
  3. Activate New SIM: Follow the on-screen instructions to activate the new 5G SIM.


  1. Contact AT&T Support: Request a 5G SIM card.
  2. Visit an AT&T Store: If required, visit a store to pick up the SIM.
  3. Activate the SIM: Use AT&T’s activation portal or follow the instructions provided in-store.


  1. Order Online or In-Store: Request a 5G SIM card through T-Mobile’s website or visit a store.
  2. Insert and Activate: Follow the activation steps provided with the new SIM card.

Other Carriers:

  • Similar Procedures: Check the carrier’s official website or contact customer service for specific instructions.


  • Backup Your Contacts and Data: Before swapping SIM cards, ensure your contacts and data are backed up.
  • Check for Carrier-Specific Requirements: Some carriers may have additional steps or specific requirements.

Following these steps should help you successfully convert your 4G SIM to a 5G SIM and start using the 5G network.