How To Transfer Money From Dasher Direct To Bank Account? [ know the easy way ]

How to Transfer Money to Your Bank Account with Dasher Direct ? This post explains how to do it with just a few clicks on the Dasher Direct app. Fortunately, it’s a quick procedure that only requires a few steps.

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How To Transfer Money From Dasher Direct To Bank Account
How To Transfer Money From Dasher Direct To Bank Account

Let’s give a quick overview of DasherDirect before we get started on the procedure for transferring money to your bank account via it. In simple terms, Dasher Direct is a prepaid debit card that works similar to a bank account.

It is directly presented by DoorDash, and all eligible Dashers can open a Dasher Direct account for free (important to note that opening a Dasher Direct account doesn’t affect your credit score).

The primary benefit of Dasher Direct is that you can receive your daily DoorDash earnings directly into your account for free. If you’re someone who uses Fast Pay, choosing to open a DasherDirect account and deposit your DoorDash earnings there is a better option.

Dasher Direct is also surprisingly a good account as it has no fees or minimum balance requirements, so it’s not a bad option as a bank account.

How To Transfer Money From Dasher Direct To Bank Account

Now, let’s see how you can directly transfer money to your bank account with Dasher Direct:

  1. Start by opening the Dasher Direct app and selecting “More” from the menu in the bottom right corner.
  2. Then, select “Move Money.”
  3. From there, you will choose “Send to Someone.” It will open a screen where you can add your bank account. Click on “Add Recipient,” then provide the necessary information, such as your bank account and routing number.

You will get a notification that your transfer is happening as soon as you start it.

Within 1-2 business days, your money should be in your account (although you might get it sooner if you use a bank that handles payments quickly, like Chime or Lili).

Please be aware that if you send money on the weekend or on a holiday, it will be processed the following working day.
The fact that you can only transfer money to US bank accounts must always be kept in mind.

While most people won’t be affected by this restriction, it’s nevertheless important to be aware of.You should look at other solutions if you want to transfer money to foreign bank accounts.

Last but not least, Dasher Direct doesn’t charge you for transfers, so you don’t have to worry about paying any costs while moving money between DasherDirect and other bank accounts.

Dasher Direct Transfer Limits:

Dasher Direct comes with certain limits on how much you can transfer:

  • You can transfer up to $2,000 in a 24-hour period for a maximum of three transfers.
  • In a month, you can transfer up to $5,000 and make a maximum of 30 transfers in a 30-day period.

If you want to avoid these transfer limits, you can log in to your external bank account(s), then link DasherDirect using your Dasher Direct routing number and account number. After that, you can initiate transfers from your external bank, bypassing these limits.

Canceling a DasherDirect Transfer:

If you transfer money but decide to cancel it, you must do so before the same-day cutoff point. To cancel, go to the “Move Money” menu in the Dasher Direct app and click on the button to cancel the transfer.

If you don’t see a button to cancel, it means your transfer has already been processed, and you won’t be able to cancel it. Usually, if you intend to cancel a transfer, do so promptly.


Transferring money to your bank account with Dasher Direct is straightforward. You just need to add your bank account to the Dasher Direct app as a recipient, and then initiate the transfer.

Keep in mind the transfer limits for 24 hours and 30 days, but if needed, you can always bypass them by initiating transfers from your regular bank account instead of Dasher Direct.

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How do I withdraw money from DasherDirect?

There are a few ways to withdraw money from DasherDirect. You can:

Withdraw cash from an ATM : You can withdraw money from your DasherDirect card at one of the more than 20,000 no-fee ATMs in the AllPoint network.
Transfer money to your bank account : A $0.25 fee applies when you transfer funds from your DasherDirect card to your bank account.
Order a check : A check can be ordered from your DasherDirect account for $2.95.

Can you send money from DasherDirect to your bank account?

Yes, you can transfer funds from DasherDirect to your bank account. To achieve this, launch the DasherDirect app and select the “Transfers” option. After that, choose “Bank Transfer” and fill out your bank account’s details. Each bank transfer costs $0.25.

Can I transfer DasherDirect to cash App?

No, you cannot transfer DasherDirect to cash App. DasherDirect is a prepaid debit card, and cash App is a peer-to-peer payment app. The two are not compatible.

Can you use DasherDirect as a debit card?

You can use DasherDirect as a debit card, yes. It can be used to make purchases at any business that accepts Visa. Additionally, you can utilize it to make ATM withdrawals.

How do I add DasherDirect to my wallet?

Downloading the DasherDirect app for your smartphone is the first step in adding DasherDirect to your wallet. Following that, open it now and follow the instructions by clicking the “wallet then add to wallet” option.

Who owns DasherDirect Card?

Stride Bank, an FDIC-member bank, is the owner of DasherDirect. A provider of financial services, Stride Bank focuses on offering banking services to both people and companies.

What does DasherDirect card look like?

The DasherDirect card has the DasherDirect logo on a blue Visa debit card. You can use the card at most retailers because it has a magnetic stripe and a chip. You can use the card to make ATM withdrawals because it has a PIN.

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