7 Healthy-Looking Foods That Are Harmful

**Granola Bars:** Many granola bars contain excessive amounts of sugar and can be calorie-rich.

**Fruit Juice:** Some fruit juices have extra sugar, and they often lack the fiber found in whole fruits.

Low-Fat Yogurt:** Low-fat yogurts sometimes compensate for reduced fat with added sugar.

**Agave Nectar:** While marketed as a natural sweetener, agave nectar can have higher levels of fructose.

*Vegetable Chips:** Vegetable chips, when deep-fried and heavily salted, can resemble regular potato chips.

Processed Gluten-Free Foods:** Many processed gluten-free foods have high levels of starch and sugar to mimic the taste and texture of gluten-containing counterparts.

Low-Carb Snack Bars:** Low-carb snack bars can be filled with artificial sweetness and preservatives.