7 Non-Pudding Chia Seed Recipes

Chia Seed Smoothie: Blend chia seeds with fruits, yogurt, or milk for a thick and nutritious smoothie.

Chia Parfait: Mix chia seeds, Greek yogurt, and fruits, then top with honey and granola.

Seed Jam: Create a healthier jam by combining chia seeds with mashed berries and sugar.

Chia Oatmeal: Enhance your oatmeal with chia seeds for added texture and nutrients.

Chia Energy Bars: Make nutritious bars with chia, nuts, dates, dried fruits, and nut butter.

Chia Seed Salad Dressing: Thicken and add fiber to homemade salad dressings with chia seeds.

Chia Pops: Freeze chia seeds and fruit puree in popsicle molds for a healthy summer treat.