A recent study suggests that one of Saturn's cold moons could be very habitable.

A new model suggests that Enceladus, Saturn's icy moon, may have the necessary ingredients for life. You need more than water to support life.

What's going on: Phosphorus is essential for building cells.

It is an essential component of both DNA and ATP, the substance that cells utilise to store and transport energy.

Elective methods of constructing those things may exist, but we haven't found them yet; phosphorus may be a need for existence, in our estimation.

According to planetary researcher Christopher Glein, "We couldn't say whether phosphorus is accessible in Enceladus' sea water" (of the Southwest Exploration Foundation),

Despite the fact that the results we are showing give us optimism that it is, a co-creator of the new review informs Backwards,

According to Glein, "We discovered that the expected emphasis stayed typically strong over a large number of model prospects."