According to AAA, gas prices may increase once again soon.

If you've been taking advantage of the recent decreases in gas prices, then the current moment is ideal for you.

a good chance to fill your tank. According to AAA, prices at the syphon could soon start to rise.

In a report published on Monday, AAA noted that the average cost of gasoline for the general public dropped by 4 cents in the previous week to $3.67 a gallon.

That was the smallest weekly decline in months, which may indicate that the 100-day streak of consistently declining public gas prices is almost over.

In a statement, AAA Representative Andrew Gross stated that "all streaks need to end eventually, and the public normal for a gallon of petrol has declined $1.34 since its crest in mid-June."

As of September 20, 2022, the standard public petrol price remained at $3.674 per gallon. That was lower than the $3.908 one month before and the $3.707 seven days earlier.

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