Apple's iPhone Dream might turn out to be a nightmare.

In an effort to make the iPhone 14 thinner and more robust, Apple has replaced the SIM card slot with eSIM chips.

My phone doesn't become hot when I charge it via a wire because it uses less energy and is faster.

On smartphones, wireless data transfer is practical. It is no longer necessary to connect phones to PCs in order to sync and backup data.

You'll choose wired data transmission to get the video onto your laptop more quickly if you're one of Apple's creative types and are capturing 4K content for an independent movie.

Currently, popular wireless earphones include AirPods. However, wired headphones are practical. For some, they represent vintage style.

They don't encounter Bluetooth problems or run out of battery, which is why I enjoy them. Additionally, they are more difficult to lose or drop when running for the bus.

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