FDA issues a warning regarding the NyQuil chicken fad on TikTok

A recent TikTok challenge involving chicken and NyQuil has US health regulators on high alert.

Sleepy chicken" is chicken breasts that have been cooked after being soaked in NyQuil. The FDA cautions that boiling Nyquil may change its concentration and properties.

The caution states that cooking while inhaling medicinal vapours may result in higher drug levels.

The craze follows fads when children ate Tide Pods or Benadryl to get high as the most recent illustration of how social media may encourage people to consume dangerous substances.

An FDA representative wrote in an email that the agency "regularly analyses social media trends to combat online disinformation." "The agency will prioritise product and consumer safety."

According to Bill Sullivan, a professor at Indiana University School of Medicine, inhaling NyQuil vapours can cause seizures, hallucinations, loss of consciousness, and pulmonary issues.

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