A Kansas City Cop Was Accused Of Raping Women For Decades. His Arrest Did Not Help.

According to the prosecution, Detective Roger Golubski spent 20 years searching for his next victim at the Kansas City, Kansas, Police Department—someone attractive, down-on-their-luck, and Black.

While returning from the store and looking through booking pictures, Golubski noticed one.

Others he encountered after executing search warrants or detaining their husbands or sons, according to court documents.

After hitting or choking them, Golubski would separate them and rape them. He would always threaten them by telling them to keep their mouths shut.

Golubski is currently facing a criminal trial and life in jail, about 40 years after the end of his reign of terror.

The ladies he is accused of intimidating found solace in his arrest last week, but it also demonstrated how long it took for anybody to believe their accounts. 

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