Latest data shows Ethereum token issuance drops 95% after Proof of Stake merge.

The rate of new ETH token production fell to 0.2% after the PoS merging.

The overall amount of Ethereum tokens in circulation has decreased, although inflation has not occurred for the cryptocurrency.

Ethereum prices have remained relatively stable at $1,327 despite a protracted market downturn.

According to, Ethereum's annual token supply decreased to 2% after the split. Prior to the modification, a margin of 3.79 percent was observed.

In a same vein, the daily token issuance has dropped from 12,500 during the PoW phase to 772 now. The total amount of rewards given to validated blocks is tracked by token issuance.

The numbers show that since the new PoS network's inception, 4,581.26 ETH have been produced. According to our calculations, the total would be $88.736.7 if evidence of work were accepted.

Ethereum made the move to a proof-of-stake-based consensus on September 15.

According to claims, the new model's power consumption is 99.5% less than that of its forerunner.