Neptune reveal spectral rings.

The rings of Saturn are well known. James Webb, a NASA space telescope, can see Neptune's glitz.

New telescopic images of Neptune's moons and dust rings.

As seen in all of Webb's infrared images, it is encircled by galaxies located billions of light-years away.

According to scientists, the most recent image of the ice-giant planet is the clearest in 30 years. Since the 1989 Voyager 2 mission, some of Neptune's spectral rings have not been observed.

Such in-depth film of the solar system demonstrates the telescope's capability to gather information on both close and far-off astronomical objects.

True. First JWST NEPTUNE photos made me sob uncontrollably, tweeted Heidi Hammel, a Webb expert on Neptune.

"I yelled at my children, parents, and pets, "OMG - LOOK AT THE RINGS." Twenty years later, JWST succeeded."