NFL Fans Are Praying For Chiefs Quarterback Patrick Mahomes

Kansas City Chiefs fans, brace yourselves. There are concerns that Patrick Mahomes may have sustained an ankle injury shortly before halftime during Sunday's game.

During the latter part of the second quarter, a defensive lineman from the Bears unintentionally rolled onto Mahomes from behind, resulting in a collision with his left ankle.

Despite the apparent discomfort, Mahomes soldiered on, albeit with a noticeable limp for the remainder of the first half.

Worried NFL fans across the board are sending their thoughts and prayers for Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, hoping that the injury is not severe.

Oh no, it looks like Patrick Mahomes might be hurting a bit. He took a hit on the right ankle, but he's staying in," commented Dov Kleiman.

Ian Rapoport reported, '#Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes is noticeably limping after the play, with his right ankle taking a hit.

One fan noted, 'Chiefs fans are alarmed seeing Patrick Mahomes limping.'