On Everest, he endured a violent slide

Kilimanjaro, Aconagua, and Denali were among the tallest peaks Quang Thân has scaled.

He attempted Everest twice and survived a flash flood there in 2005.

His extensive expertise makes what happened to Thân extremely frustrating. on a day-long ascent of a far less well-known California peak.

21st of August. Thân, 66, was climbing Split Mountain with two other climbers in California's Sierra Nevada, a 400-mile area that is home to Yosemite Public Park.

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Thân met his partners through a Facebook group for Vietnamese explorers, and they encouraged him to wait until they reached the 14,064-foot peak.

At a nearby lake where Thân had made some reservations, they started searching through it decisively. The items were present, but he wasn't.