The Best Post-Workout Recovery Drinks

*Water:** Rehydrate after a workout, especially if you've sweated a lot. Water helps replace lost fluids.

Chocolate Milk:** A great recovery drink with a balanced carbohydrate-protein ratio, aiding muscle recovery.

Protein Shakes:** Protein smoothies, featuring whey, casein, pea, or hemp protein, promote muscle repair and growth.

Electrolyte Drinks:** Restore lost salts and minerals after intense workouts with electrolyte drinks, including sports drinks.

Coconut Water:** Contains potassium and electrolytes, serving as a natural alternative to sports drinks.

Green Tea:** Green tea's catechins may prevent exercise-induced muscle damage, a low-calorie choice.

Tart Cherry Juice:** Anti-inflammatory tart cherry juice can reduce post-workout muscle discomfort, aiding recovery.