The Glaring Flaw at the Heart of House of the Dragon

What's that, there are two Rhaenys? Here's how to differentiate between them (and everyone else).

There are many new candidates for the Iron Throne now that Westeros has returned.

Yes, until the events of Game of Thrones, the highest position of authority in the Seven Kingdoms remains securely in the hands of House Targaryen.

But who will hold the throne in the end—a Targaryen? And who will lend a hand in their victory?

During its hour-plus runtime, the House of the Dragon season opener, "The Heir of the Dragon," introduces a small army of Iron Throne influences.

It takes some time to recall the names and faces of the most important characters in the game, as is frequently the case with the Thrones universe.

And as you firmly establish your fan-favorite persona, George R.R. Martin and his television assassin from the Hit Squad mercilessly carry out their assignment.

What individuals do Martin and his friends hope to make you fall in love with this time?

just to brutally dispatch them later on? Let's examine Westeros' most recent (and soon-to-be tardy) arrivals in more detail.