The moon rocket test by NASA leaks once again

Florida's Cape Canaveral In a test on Wednesday, NASA's new moon rocket released more fuel, but engineers managed to lower them to acceptable levels.

Given the sporadic hydrogen leaks, it is not yet certain if NASA will try a launch on Tuesday.

The day-long demonstration had scarcely begun when, despite new seals and other adjustments, hydrogen resumed leaking at the same spot and time as before.

Before testing, engineers fixed the leak by stopping the flow and warming the pipes. Prior to lowering, the leak persisted. Later, a second leak developed.

Nail said the test met all of its objectives. Before deciding if the 322-foot (98-meter) rocket is ready for its first test flight using mannequins rather than actual people, managers must analyse the data.

Due to hydrogen leakage, the first two launches and countdown tests failed.

The countdown this month doubled the NASA cap. Wednesday's release was nearly identical to Tuesday's.