The United States seeks the appeals court to prevent Trump from viewing secret documents.

According to the Justice Department's argument before a federal appeals court, former President Donald Trump has not shown that he declassified information obtained by the FBI from his Florida club.

The plaintiff asserts that before leaving office, he had the ability to declassify documents. Plaintiff, as before, has not established that he committed such act." formerly a Republican

The FBI searched the president's Florida home and country club, the Justice Department's lawyers said late Tuesday. The president then filed a lawsuit against the agency.

"That's it," Dearie responded, "if the government provides me with prima facie evidence that this is classified and you don't claim declassification."

You can't have it all," Federal prosecutors testified before the appeals court that Dearie's request was rejected by Trump's attorneys.

Without providing any evidence, Trump has claimed that he declassified the materials. This is not a contention made by his counsel in any court records.

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