Trump's attorneys will respond to the DOJ's offer to audit the marked archives

Australia commemorated a day of national mourning for Queen Elizabeth II on Thursday, and representatives placed a wreath made of golden wattle at Parliament House.

The "Wattle Painting," a portrait of the former British and Australian queen painted by Australian artist William Dargie, stood at the centre of the celebration in Parliament's Great Hall.

Since the queen's passing on September 8, the wattle, with its golden blossoms and green foliage, has come to represent unity in Australia.

This is so because the wattle blossoms in the Southern Hemisphere spring, and the Australian flag's colours are gold and green.

King Charles III's representative in Australia, Governor-General David Hurley, and Prime Minister Anthony Albanese both attended the ceremony.

Over the holiday, protests focused on the injustices suffered by Indigenous Australians at the hands of the British.among the few remaining former British territories.

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