Vehicle found near last location of missing teen Kiely Rodni

Authorities announced Sunday night that a car containing human remains had been found in a lake in California not far from the last known location of missing adolescent Kiely Rodni.

A private crew of divers in Proser Lake, Nevada—about 35 miles west of Reno—made the discovery on Sunday afternoon.

Later, the nearby Placer County Sheriff's Office verified the diving team's claim that there was a body inside.

However, it claimed that the deceased's identification was still unknown.

On Monday morning, there was supposed to be a news conference.

Adventures With Purpose said in a statement that it had discovered a car and remains in the lake.

When asked how it became confident that their discovery is connected to the missing person case, the team did not react right away.

Authorities had stated that they were searching for Rodni's 2013 Honda CR-V.

On Sunday night, a car was hauled from the water and hurriedly covered with what looked like sheets or a tarp.