What is the cost of charging an electric car at home?

Electric-vehicle owners will be thinking about how much it will cost to charge their vehicle at home now that homegrown electricity expenses are covered for the next several years.

Future owners of electric vehicles (EVs) may also be evaluating them in comparison to the cost of maintaining a gasoline or diesel vehicle.

That being said, this is how you determine the cost of recharging at home and the additional charges you must

think about, as well as some advice for minimising these costs. Under the new government cost cap, the highest cost of electricity is 34p per kWh.

This means that the cost to fully recharge a Fiat 500e with a 37.3kWh battery would be £12.68 (for example, 34 x 37.3/100).

The cost is roughly £30.60 for a larger electric vehicle, such the Mercedes EQV with a 90kWh battery.

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