What Is The Greatest Number Of Strokes Per Opening In Golf?

The number of strokes a player may take on a particular opening during decoration play is not limited by the Principles of Golf because all strokes are added to your final aggregate.

The PGA Tour record for most strokes taken on a single opening is 23, set by Tommy Defensive layer, who had a terrible accident on the first hole.

1927 Shawnee Open standard 5 seventeenth opening at Shawnee CC.

Later, in the sixth opening, John Daly ran up a score of 18, Slope under control in 1998

when he repeatedly discovered the drink while trying to clean up a similar lake that Bryson DeChambeau made famous in 2021.

Andrey Pavlov of Russia started off his day at the DP World Visit this year with a 17 after finding the water many times in Austria. 

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