Which US airline is based at which airport?

Every airline has a hub where workers are stationed and maintenance is performed.

The world's largest airline hub and low-cost point-to-point models are found in the US.

Let's examine the typical wing placement of US legacy and budget airlines. There are ten hubs countrywide for American Airlines and American Eagle.

In terms of available seats, OAG ranks DFW as the fifth-busiest airport in the world. This is a rise from the 14th pre-COVID.

It makes sense that Alaska Airlines would have its main hub there. Ted Stevens International Airport (ANC), located 5 miles from downtown Anchorage, serves as the carrier's hub.

ultra-cheap airline Allegiant Harry Reid International Airport in Las Vegas serves as Allegiant's principal hub (LAS). Las Vegas is a specialty for Frontier, Southwest, and Spirit as well.

There are no conventional US airlines operating in this region. In 2021, the airport in Las Vegas came in sixth.