Why do black dots appear on a windshield?

These dark areas and rims are not intended to clear the glass of fog. This relates to vehicle windows.

Instead of using metal trim to hold automobile windows in place in the 1950s and 1960s, automakers utilised adhesive. It wasn't beautiful, but it worked.

The black rims that surround car windows are known as "frits."

Ceramic paint is used to create the frits and dots. The harmful but necessary glue is hidden by the frits.

These painted rims are also virtually impenetrable since they are baked into the glass. They secure the windshield adhesive.

The dots aid in the change from the heavy black lines to the clear glass.

The dots aren't placed at random; when the darkness disappears, they get smaller and farther apart. Compared to black paint on transparent glass, this pattern is less startling.